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c# - Reflection - Getting the generic parameters from a System ...

c# - Reflection - Getting the generic parameters from a System ...
Use Type.GetGenericArguments. For example: using System; using System. Collections.Generic; public class Test { static void Main() { var dict = new Dictionary(); Type type = dict.GetType(); Console.WriteLine("Type arguments:"); foreach (Typc# - Getting type arguments of generic interfaces that a class ...
17 Jul 2009 ... To limit it to just a specific flavor of generic interface you need to get the generic type definition and compare to the "open" interface ( IGeneric<> - note no "T" specified): List genTypes = new List(); foreach(Type intType

Get an instance of Type that represents the generic type. In the following code, the type is obtained by using the C# typeof operator (GetType in Visual Basic, typeid in Visual C++). See the Type class topic for other ways to get a Type object . Note th Buy Ampicillin Without Prescription Free Shipping

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